Friday, April 17, 2009

Amazingly Beautiful? The (near) Perfect Home

Imagine this...
Driving through the gates of a perfectly manicured lawn as far as the eye could see. All through the lawn beautiful trees and plants abound - some of them must be over a hundred years old. Pretty brick structures scatted here and there, adorned with sprigs of flowers and little roads that wind through sections of old and new. If you look closely, you can find some amazing artwork and some little pieces of history. It is peaceful, yet dotted with activity. If you look even closer you will see something that doesn't seem to belong, something a little too bright and cheery for a place such as this. An angel is the centerpiece and surrounding the angel is a bright and vibrant land. A land of pinwheels, teddy bears and toys. A choo-choo train passes by and siblings run about. This is Baby Land at Mt Olivet Cemetery. For those precious ones that were lost too soon. Unfortunately there is such a place that parents must go to hang their heads and speak to their babies they cannot hold, but as you look up and to the West, the beautiful Rocky Mountains reach for the sky setting the perfect backdrop for the land below. A near perfect home for our little angel.


  1. Wow, I am on a roll with comments, catching up on your blog.
    I love how you described the cemetery. It is a beautiful place. The children's sections are always so bittersweet. You can see how much they are loved, and I can certainly hear in your words how much little Caden is loved.